Landmark: Wisdom Courses

Take every conversation, every exploration, every endeavor to a new level of expanded transformation.


Landmark’s Wisdom Course series includes these programs:

Wisdom Unlimited

Wisdom Unlimited is designed for those interested in growth and development as an ongoing part of their lives. It is for those who want their lives to be as great as they can be, to live as productive members of a community, to grow in wisdom, to develop themselves in ways that open up new avenues of exploration in living full, contributing, and happy lives.

A cornerstone of Wisdom Unlimited is play. You’ll explore the qualities of a child at play—such as curiosity, wonderment, invention, and engagement – with the maturity and wisdom of adulthood. You’ll experience the sheer enjoyment of “being” in the give and take of daily life with no other motive or agenda.

Partnership Explorations Course

Most of us have noticed that our current relationships are similar to key relationships we have experienced in the past—both in what works, and in what doesn’t. The Partnership Explorations Course generates an entirely new template for being related—a new network of conversations that is built not on repeating past patterns, but on creating expansive, effective partnerships.

In this course, you will develop mastery in generating and upgrading your own conversations in a way that literally alters your environment and your experience of the world. You gain a capacity to think and interact in new ways, to engage in conversations that are larger than yourself, and to explore your relationships with freedom and originality.

Conference for Global Transformation

Discover new ways to take a giant step beyond what you had considered possible. This conference features an exciting array of keynote speakers and breakout sessions.

Vacation Courses

Cruise the breathtaking splendor of Alaska’s inside passage, ski the Rocky Mountains, be pampered in the top spas and resorts of the world – all this while extending the exploration of the Wisdom Unlimited Course.

Offered in a variety of vacation spots and on cruise ships, each vacation course focuses on a particular topic designed to expand your facility with the conversations for designing your life, your work, and your contribution in the world. You’ll have the opportunity to combine being on a spectacular vacation with exploring and deepening the distinctions of transformation. See all the Vacation Courses.

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